Kippered specialises in mens & womens streetwear fashion.


About Kippered

A multi brand streetwear agency for menswear & womenswear

Kippered is a streetwear fashion agency. We cover the UK and have a great network of other agents and distributers throughout Europe. Nearly all the brands we represent we have started to work with them from their inception apart from a handful that is. We pride ourselves in finding, developing and growing new brands. Our customers come to us for new and interesting brands which will add to their retail portfolio. Based on our industry experience we also offer brand consultancy.

All the brands we have represented, we have worked very closely with in product development, creative direction, account handling, sales and marketing strategy, liaising on pr matters and product placement. We pride ourselves on making sure the right brand is sold to the correct store and therefore have maintained a good reputation with stores across the UK from department stores, chain stores or cool independent stores. With the streetwear brands we currently represent, we sell to either the entire UK or just in the south of the UK. With regard to the areas of fashion we specialise in, we would describe this as; mens and womens streetwear & contemporary fashion. We distribute clothing, footwear and accessory collections.

A little more...

Portobello market, August 1995

Kippered started in August 1995 by the 2 owners Adam Jarrett and Tony Wall. They met each other while they both had market stalls at Portobello market and Greenwich market respectively. Previous to that Adam had worked as a money broker then as a masseuse. Tony worked in a variety of different jobs including financial adviser, commissioning engineer and manager of Topshop stores.

They mutually had a great love of music, partying and travelling and in the initial days of Kippered their main aim was to party as hard as possible. They used to have a residency DJ'ing on a monthly basis and during the summer at various festivals & parties. Both personally and through their business they have acquired friends in both music and films and have both featured as backing singers on Morcheeba’s “Fragments of Freedom” album. Tony has featured in the cult British film “Love, Honour and Obey” (don’t blink though otherwise you’ll miss his performance!) and Adam has released 3 compilation albums and was a resident at a top London club night at Bagleys in Kings Cross.